3 new purchases to start the year.

Yesterday I visited Koorong books, I had received a gift voucher for a Christmas present and so it was a good excuse to go. Though the trip cost me a little more than the voucher; I was very pleased with my purchases.

I bought three books.

  1. The Books of The Bible
  2. The Word Made Flesh
  3. Learn To Read New Testament Greek

Overview – part one.

  1. The Books of the Bible.

Last year I made a number of resolutions in regarding my Bible reading.

  1. To read the Old Testament in the order of the Jewish Canon.
  2. To follow Gordon Fee’s advice to read the Bible without the chapter and verse numbers.
  3. To add to my collection of Bibles a TNIV Yes I know, it is about time – Pastor Mark Stevens

I had actually forgotten about my resolution regarding points 1 & 2, and so after browsing through hundreds of various versions, I settled on a nice slimline copy of the TNIV which was going to cost me about $22.  I then felt a little unsettled with it and picked up instead a Book of the Bible and saw it was on special for $7 and was in larger print, so I bought it.

Now I admit I’m not the brightest match in the pack, though my negligence in observation skills could have had something to do with the pain killers I was using to dull the pain in my jaw, from a recent wisdom tooth extraction. But imagine the scene when I came home and my wife was looking through it and said… “This Bible reads well; but its weird, all the books are in a different order and there are no chapter and verse numbers in it….”

So not only will I be reading the Old Testament in the order of the Jewish Canon, I will read the New Testament in what appears to be the historical writing order. Isn’t God good!

I will blog about the other 2 in a future post.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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