The reality of pain reminds us of our humanity.

Have you ever wondered about the nature of pain? There are many types of pain. Some pain is physical. Some pain is spiritual. Other pain is emotional and mental. And often pain stems from a combination of all I have said.

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of pain? Have you ever dreamed of a life free of pain? Perhaps you have thought about how blissful life would be without any pain. Imagine a life with no pain. A life without any internal or external pain. What would that life be like?

It’s a question I am faced with at the moment. My lower left wisdom tooth fully erupted on the 29th December and has now super erupted. And it hurts. And because it is the holiday season all dentists are closed…and according to an emergency dental hospital my tooth doesn’t warrant emergency treatment.

It’s a pain that reminds me that I am alive. It’s a pain that reminds me of my humanity. And because I am fully human; I like to play with my pain. There are times when I will wiggle my tooth…and for some stupid reason, when I do that, the pain is an enjoyable type of pain. It’s a bit like when after you graze your knee; it starts to scab up and you slowly pick the scab away. Perhaps your liking is for squeezing pimples or black heads.

While it hurts like billy oh; there is some form of human enjoyment that comes from it. Weird hey! Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to get into see a dentist. I hate dentists. I hate needles and I know that when I eventually get to the dentist I am going to suffer pain. I will suffer the mental pain of having to go onto antibiotics for a week or two; knowing that when the swelling goes down and the infection has died off… that the dentist will insert a needle into my gum and pull this tooth out….

Perhaps they will pull it out easily. Or most likely they may need to chop it into smaller bits to get it out… perhaps he will have to climb onto my chest and give a few huge heave ho’s to extract it. …perhaps ……

Never mind; it has to come out…. and I can’t pull it out myself ….trust me… for I have tried….

This toothache reminds me of my humanity and of my Christian faith. It reminds me that I need help in the midst of my humanity and pain. Pain in all its forms is often a result of sin; whether it be direct or indirect. For when sin came into the world; it brought sickness and decay. It brought destruction of relationships.  And scripture tells us that while we were dead in our sins; Christ forgave us and in doing so gave us eternal life.

So sometime in the near future as I lay there on the dentist chair, my mouth stretched open wide with the clamps and the dentist is doing their thing while reaching far into the back of my mouth…doing what ever it is that dentists do… I will be reminded that Jesus also came and dealt with the issue of sin which is causing us internal / external pain and destruction….. and just as I need to ask the dentist to help me… we also need to ask Jesus to help us…….


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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