I have thoughts of pulling my own tooth out.

Last night my lower left wisdom tooth decided to pop up and let me know it was there. Talk about pain. Have you ever thought about pulling your own teeth?

I have! In 1989 this same tooth played up on me during a public holiday weekend. There were no dentists available to see and the pain was so bad that I tried to yank the tooth with a pair of pliers. Lucky for me I wasn’t able to get a grip on it.

For various reasons the dentist wouldn’t take it out and I have learnt what to do to ease the pain when it has played up time to time. This normally involves seeing a dentist for antibiotics and or salt water gargles, chewing on cloves and dabs of vanilla essence.

This time round; after gingerly prodding and feeling my tooth, I have come to find it is also loose. I have visions of tying one end of a  string around it and the other to a door and fling the door shut…I also have a mini pair of pliers on a pocket knife which are just about the right size to fit into my mouth….

However…as much as I enjoy being a do it yourself handy man… I think a trip to the dentist just might be in order…but then again…..


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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