I have a new blogging toy; Windows Writer.


I have downloaded and decided to give the Microsoft blogging application; Windows Writer a go. I believe you can also write and publish blog posts using Microsoft Word, however I am not sure how to do it.

One of the benefits it seems this application has over Word is the smaller and more streamlined tool box. In theory this app should also be easier to use then the current post editor that comes with Word Press; though it is yet to be seen if this is so.

I am hoping the features on this writer will cross over to the published blog posts; such as the various type fonts.Not to mention the ability to highlight and change font colours. While the Word Press editor had some ability to change font colours; I found it did not always work and was more frustrating than it was efficient.

It also seems that the Spell Check is more efficient. Though for more technical posts, such as posting research with foot notes; I think transferring a paper from Word to this app would be easy. Here is a excerpt from a novel I am currently writing, which I was able to easily cut and paste without losing any of the formatting. I have found that it won’t allow me to normalise the italicised text in the pasted block quote.

He looked around the room, his whole body tensed with anger, hatred and confusion. His room was a mess. There were holes in the wall where he had put his fist through it. The door was nearly off its hinges from when he had kicked it shut in  His  face just moments before. His desk was covered in court papers and unpaid fines. The room was strewn with empty chip and noodle packets and opened bottles of coke. There was a bong on his window sill hidden behind the curtain, its water rank and dirty.
The only thing that was neat and tidy seeming nearly out of place was the glass aquarium tank sitting on a wooden stand. In it he kept a seven foot Diamond Python. There it was curled up under the heat lamp. Its cold beady emotionless eyes were staring at him, its forked tongue flicking in and out of its mouth. He felt one with this snake. It showed no emotion. It showed him no affection what so ever. It was as if its sole purpose in life was to eat and drink and scare people.
It was impossible to read its mind. It could turn on you in a split second. And though it was not venomous, it did have a vicious bite, and had bitten him a number of times in the past. He loved feeding times. Though illegal he would often feed it live guinea pigs and mice. He would put them into the cage with the snake. Often they would just hop around, ignorant of the danger they were in. Sometimes they would stand still knowing something was wrong.

One option that both this application and the Word Press editor doesn’t have; which in my opinion would be a handy inclusion is a Line Spacing Editor.

It makes it very easy to insert pictures into the text as well as giving you some creativity as to the style of borders 121and how you wrap the text around it. There is an interesting add on which allows you to tilt the picture in either direction as well as it allowing you to completely rotate it if you want.

Overall I think this application has a lot to be commended for and I look forward to some creative moments in the future.

P.S the picture is of a Dugong which was taken at the Sydney Aquarium on a recent visit.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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