Treating all with dignity and respect; a cost to self!

There is a cost involved in becoming a pastor. There is a personal cost of effort with out reward. There is the cost of getting involved. A cost of seeing and engaging with humanity in all of its brokenness, pain, rejection, wounds and in general stuff that we would rather not see; and mess that we would rather someone else clean up, or wish that we could ignore and pretend we didn’t see it. And perhaps there is embarrassment in thinking of what respectable society would think.

There is the cost of laying down ones will, ones wants, ones self interests, ones reputation and even perhaps ones life for the sake of others; and yet it’s not just for the sake of others, it’s because of the high calling Christ has called the pastor to answer to.

If the pastor is not willing to engage with and treat with dignity and respect those whom society would consider the lowest scum of the earth; they have no right to be willing to engage with those whom society would consider respectable and worthy of attention. For the pastor to truly treat others with dignity and respect; they must be willing to lose the perception and recognition of the world in regards to their own respectability and dignity as to whom they will make, serve and call friends.

A pastor will understand that to build true community; they will have to build into this community the very ideals of treating all with dignity and respect, no matter who they may be, what they may do and what they may believe. For the pastor’s role is not only to pastor the church; it is also to equip the church to pastor not only the society in which it stands; but also to in turn to pastor the pastor.

When this happens; true community will truly be built in the image of Christ.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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