The best Bible version is?

There is a lot of buzzing about the blogosphere at the moment about a new Bible translation that has been published. Again this has raised various debates about the pro’s and con’s of various translations.

Being an important subject to me;  I thought I would throw my 2 cents into the ring also. And therefore my thoughts about which is the best translation to read, is that the best Bible to read is the one your going to ACTUALLY read.

I don’t care how good your translation is; if you don’t read it, it can never be any  better then the one someone else reads.


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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7 Responses to The best Bible version is?

  1. vern j miroth says:

    What if the “one you will read” is a corrupted paraphrase based on an inferior manuscript? I agree with the sentiment here Craig but that should not be the only,, or even main criteria

    • Craig Benno says:

      I take it you mean the KJV 😉

      Certainly there are other pro’s and con’s in regarding translation issues. I would much rather someone read an inferior (thanks Brian) translation and still get the gist of Christ then not read one at all.

  2. vern j miroth says:

    First let me ask,why do I have to confirm my subscription each and EVERYtime I coment on your blog? It gets kinda old to always have to confirm.
    No, I dont mean the KJV, I detest the NIV but am certainly not KJV only since it has many problems too. For more info on my translation views, check my blog “is it good enough for Paul”.

    • Craig Benno says:

      You should only have to hit the “Notify of follow ups by email” button and not the subscribe one. I think that is a standard word press issue and saves you following / receiving comments on posts that your not interested in following.What is the name / link to your blog Vern. Or do you mean your notes on FB?

      I like the NIV for its readability. I also like the NRSV, Amplified, ISV, ESV as well as the Message. Depending on the motivation for reading will often depend on which version I will read at the time.

  3. vern j miroth says:

    All I do is click the “notify me of followup comments box” and I always get an e-mail asking me to confirm my subscription, rather annoying.
    Yes, it is on my FB notes

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