Healing / disability and motivations.

I am impressed  with Amos Yong’s testimony and his theological challenge to the church in regards to a Theology of Disability.

I made the following comment to him.

I have gained much insight from your talks. Again thanks for linking them. You have challenged the church in regards to our motivations in whether we perceive others as needing healing and therefore stand above them; or totally accept others as they are and therefore stand equal to us as individuals and within the collect community as a whole. This then opens the door for future engagement in how as Pentecostal’s we understand “Faith” in whether someone appears to be healed or not and just how that manifestation of healing takes place.

Could it be that the healing that takes place will come about through God’s Spirit building true community; stripping away all pretensions, false motivations and our own discomfort as to why we want to see someone “Healed” in the first place. And in this regard I see God using you in a prophetic healing ministry in the way of bringing much needed correction to the church through your pastoral / theological gifting.

I have a deep concern for pastoral responsibility within the church and how we engage with both the church and the society in which we live. How do we grapple with the tension in that we believe in a God who heals and our motivations to see someone be healed…

Indeed the questions need asking in what are our motivations in wanting to see someone healed….or on a more personal level what are our own motivations and frustrations that rise up when we experience the lack of personal healing that we may desperately desire?

How do we handle the faith  tensions of our perceptions regarding healing and any individualistic – equality / inequality issues within the collective church community. Could it be that as we grapple and come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be an equal member within this collective community that God’s Spirit will flow causing a deeper measure of  Needed and not Perceived needs of healing within this community and therefore within the individual?

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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