Bonhoeffer: Wisdom

The Best Wisdom is recognising the cross of Jesus Christ as the insurable love of God for all people, for us as well as our enemies.   Testament of Freedom 285

Bonhoeffer wrote this in Germany during world war 2. While He saw Hitler as the true enemy of Germany; in this context he is reminding his parishioners and us that the Cross is God’s answer for all of humanity. Even those we would call enemies.

Bonhoeffer  saw the cross as the centre of all wisdom. Wisdom flowed towards it; circled around it and flowed out from it. We learn two lessons from the cross.

  1. The incredible brutality of  humankind.
  2. The incredible gift of mercy and forgiveness through God forgiving us for our brutality.

Scripture tells us that the cross is a stumbling block. For the Jews the cross is the sign of a curse. For every one else it sounds like a foolish idea. Yet all of us are faced with a choice regarding the cross. We can join in those who jeered, sneered, derided and mocked Jesus as he carried the cross to the place of execution. We can join in with those who nailed him to the cross treating him with so little dignity and respect. And we can join in with those still mocked him while he slowly died from the trauma of the beatings and the indignity of this method of death.

Yet even if we are among those who sneered, jeered, mocked and derided Him; we also are offered the chance to join those who have recognised the brutality of their own sinfulness and accept the need for forgiveness and mercy. And in doing so accept the free gift of mercy and forgiveness that flows from within the cross….




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  1. Tammy Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing!! what a blessing!

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