The Benefits of Doubt and Lament

Peter Enns has written a great article about the power of doubt.

In this article he talks about the dark night of the soul in how God strips from us our false knowledge of him and the idea that Christianity is a self centred faith; of which the basis or foundation is to make us happy. Here he engages with the idea that God takes us through a journey in which we are faced with one of two pathways to follow.

  1. Give up on faith altogether. …though perhaps the faith you give up on is really a false belief in a God you made up.
  2. Keep pressing in and allowing God to reveal himself to you and in doing so grow in deep trust.

I commend this article to you for reading. He has done well in engaging in an issue that most evangelicals / pentecostal’s will not engage with in a meaningful way. The result of not engaging in this area means we cannot truly engage with about 1/3 of the Old Testament teachings on the power of doubt and lament  and how God takes us through this journey to a place where though we may not be totally happy; we do find ourselves in a place of total contentment within all circumstances for we find ourselves trusting God with an absolute trust.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to The Benefits of Doubt and Lament

  1. Tammy Moore says:

    Another great and needed word thanks!!

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