Interesting “Islamic terrorist” suicide bombing prevention strategy.

While this newspaper article is dated in 2004 it shows an interesting proposal to stop suicide bombing of buses in Israel.

The proposal was to put bags of pig fat on every bus; with the idea that any would be bomber would be sprayed with the fat residue in any explosion and thus invalidating his / her entry into heaven

I have no idea if this proposal was carried out and how successful this strategy was  if it was implemented. I have heard calls and reports on various blog’s that a pig head should be buried on the ground zero site in New York to invalidate any potential mosque being built there or nearby. It’s an action that I have problems in sanctioning; though I am also miles away and have no real right to speak into the pro’s and con’s of any mosque being built there…

On this site many people from all religions and nations were killed; including Muslims who were going about their daily business. For many of the deceased; and not just the Islamic dead, the very idea of a pigs head buried there would be offensive and so I ask the ethical question if this really is the way to go?

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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