Christmas a time of what?

I love Christmas. I love the festivity. I love the sense of joy and camaraderie within society as society for the most part joins in and works together towards celebrating the Christmas festival. It’s great to see people smiling. It’s great to hear and see a deeper enthusiasm as people say have a great day, merry Christmas or we wish you a merry Christmas.

At the same time its a time of sadness. There is sadness within society as they miss loved ones. They may be overseas or working. They may be detached from their family through illness; separation, divorce or they may be missed through death. And there are those for what ever reason within society are lonely and detached; perhaps homeless, shut in or locked away out of sight and out of mind.

There is a sadness within the commercialisation of Christmas. Prices tend to go up. Consumerism rises with the price of unaffordable debt to be paid off for many. And they festivities are quickly forgotten as the decorations are packed away; society quickly returns to its obnoxious and self centred ways.

Yet above all this Christmas is a time of Hope. Christmas is one of the times within the calendar year in which the Church can hold its head high and declare… Christmas represents a time of hope for all. It represents God coming to earth in the flesh. Born as a baby. It represents the beginning of hope for all. God reconciling himself to all the world. Christmas is a time of celebrating the birth of Christ.

Celebrating the birth of Christ is a celebration of hope. Its a celebration of hope for the world we live in. Its a celebration of hope for the future as well as hope for the past. And its certainly a time of celebration of Hope right now. Its a celebration of the mercy of God. Its the celebration of the invitation to come and be in a relationship with God. Its the celebration of not only being in right relationship with God… it celebrates the hope we have of being in right relationship with each other.

Christmas is all about Christ. So I ask you; have you thought about what the Hope of Christ truly means for you this year?


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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  1. vern j miroth says:

    Deut 4:2

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