Is our modern concept of church leadership rooted in “Idolatry “

Brian Thorp is reviewing The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God.

In his reading of this book Brian draws out some of the authors points in thinking through  2nd Corinthians and makes the point that it is only when we come to the end of ourselves that God manifests his power in us.

He says that the modern evangelical concepts of leadership is rooted in Idolatry; making the point that the Apostle Paul most likely would not have been able to lead a modern mega church.

I like what Brian has said… I mean really now, who appreciates the idea that suffering validates true ministry in the Spirit, and that it is primarily through suffering God mediates the gospel to the those whom we minster?

on 2 CorinthiansAnyways, in reading … Read More

What do you think of the modern emphasis on leadership and is it possible our concept of leadership is wrong? Or is our modern emphasis on leadership a modern cultural issue in which Godliness can and should be modelled.

Certainly I know that many high profile leaders have gone through huge trials and have had to draw on the power of the Lord to sustain them in their sicknesses. Yet; I see young budding Christians talking and studying more about leadership and striving to be leaders without having an innate conception of the cross and suffering…what will truly sustain these people if and when their worldview comes crashing down around them?

Are we truly comfortable with the idea of suffering leadership?

via συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life

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  1. vern j miroth says:

    does a bear poop in the woods? 🙂

  2. Fulthorp is the last name! 🙂

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