The pain of radical grace

There is a difference between knowing about the God of the Bible and having encountered the God of the Bible. There is a difference between knowing about the Jesus in the Bible and meeting the Jesus of the Bible. And there is a difference between knowing about the Holy Spirit in the Bible and encountering the Holy Spirit of the Bible.

When one encounters the God of the Bible; one is confronted with the pain of radical grace. For radical grace comes with a cost. To accept radical grace there is the pain of giving up self. There is an internal pain that rips apart the very inner fabric of our identity. For when we truly meet Christ we truly meet ourselves. When we truly see Christ we will truly see ourselves for what we are. And when we start to understand Christ; then we can only truly start to understand ourselves.

And its only when this very fabric of the inner veil has been torn apart within; we can then truly start the restoration process under the surgery of radical grace. And within the confines of radical grace, a new life will truly emerge. Grace is not easy. That’s why it is radical, costly and painful.

It’s not easy to give and it’s not easy to receive. For to receive radical grace one needs to first admit they are in need of it and then to embrace the giver of this grace. And until you have truly embraced the giver of grace and received Grace, you can never truly understand what it is to live a life of grace.



About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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