The Trinity is reflected within the community and not specifically within the marriage.

Sarah made a great comment on my  A real victory for who….if we do or don’t allow gay marriage article.

The gender complimentarity of marriage, metaphors relating to the trinity and Christ’s love for us

I urge you to follow the link and read her comments; for they were well written and thought through. I will also add that we know each other and that I have the utmost respect for her, husband and the ministry she is involved with past and present.

One area of deep concern I have with the tradition of the church using the Trinity as a metaphor for the marriage relationship is that by using it within the marriage context it becomes exclusive and available to only a small segment within the community of believers.

This therefore excludes the single, widowed, divorced and individual.

If the church commits to the teaching of and creating true community in relationship with each other and God through a collective sense of being; then the community is inclusive and not exclusive in its totality. Its only then that the metaphor of the Trinitarian relationship can truly work within the Christian marriage context; for it is not made exclusive within that context, rather it flows out of the knowledge of and experience of being part of a larger community of believers.

This then becomes inclusive to all, and not exclusive to some.

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