Sexuality is not cut and dry.

I know my blog posts about marriage and the church for many are in your face and contra to standard Christian belief. For many who have read my blog; you perhaps are thinking..

This guy is so wrong…how can he call himself a Christian…there is no way I will ever get him to preach at my church… or no way will I ever support him in a pursuit to be ordained… everything he is saying is contra the Bible…

What I want to do is challenge the standard mindset that every thing is black and white with no room for a shade of grey… Take the issue of  Paediatric Gender Assignment. This takes place within 2 years of a baby being born, often within days or hours of the birth of the child.

One out of 2000 children, are born with what appears to be male and female genitalia. It’s been the medical practice that with or without the parents input a decision is made as to what sex the child will be. However more often then not; the wrong decision has been made and so a female will be brought up as a male and a male brought up as a female. And so often the child develops a huge identity crisis.

In many cases if the child is truly a girl and her appendage is cut off; she will never be able to have an orgasm for the appendage was her clitoris. In the case of males being made female…often they have male tendencies…do boyish things and wonder why they feel like a man trapped in a females body… go through an identity problem when they don’t get their periods etc. Yet she will have testes in place where the ovaries should be… there have been many cases where the child has been lied to and given an operation to remove those testes at a later date.

This means that out of every 1 million children born, 500 children will go through Gender Reassignment. Take this man’s story for instance.

In my research for this post, I came across this video clip whereby a mother had to fight tooth and nail against gender reassignment and the doctor went against her wishes...  Though the clip is long it is worth watching.

The modern church cannot bury its head in the sand about the real issues of sexuality. In the question of marriage… how can we ever deny someone who has been terribly mutilated at birth; and grows up with an attraction for someone whom it appears is the same sex… the opportunity to marry that person.



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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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