Some questions for my Pre-Mill friends….

Some questions I’m asking about the pre-mill position regarding end times.

  1. If Jesus will literally rule from Jerusalem…how will that affect the way we worship Him now?
  2. How will Jesus rule over His church and make His will known?
  3. Will the canon of Scripture be over thrown and a new Bible be installed?
  4. Will there be a hierarchy of sorts where some will be in a position of power closer to Jesus then others.
  5. Will the Apostles and Prophets also be resurrected to rule with Jesus?
  6. If not will other Apostles and Prophets be appointed?
  7. If so, how will those other Apostles and Prophets be chosen and appointed?
  8. If Jesus is literally here ruling over the church as well as Creation…what will the role of the Holy Spirit be?
  9. How will church function?
  10. What will be the role of existing pastors, evangelists etc.
  11. I’m wondering how this thinking / teaching / end time interpretation effects our understanding of the church and if it has an effect on our thoughts as to who is in and who is out of the church?
  12. If Jesus literally rules … how does that affect the priesthood of every believer?
  13. Will I be given a chance to go and talk personally with Him. Will it be compulsory for me to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to see Him and if so… how many times will I have to do so?

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to Some questions for my Pre-Mill friends….

  1. Brian Sleeman says:

    It is the New Jerusalem, so it possibly does not mean that it replaces the physical current Jerusalem, but instead points to a new City of God here on earth. His Will will be known I expect by the very fact that those who are here are His, and we will have been transformed, there is no more sin, pain etc. so therefore we only know his Will. This will therefore see the complete fulfillment of scripture, we will be in the presence of God (Trinity), hence, I see the Bible as such is no longer required – it’s need / use surpassed by the fact that God has been not only ultimately revealed, but irrevocably present. Interesting thought on ‘power’, but do not see why there would be a need for such hierarchy, the same to be said for the need of Prophets etc. If God has now fulfilled the scriptures and only His transformed elect are present there is no need for any of these mechanisms. Can’t think of an answer on the Holy Spirit, perhaps in essence it maintains it’s current role – as the revealer of Christ (maybe it becomes the means of making Christs Will known?). I think you need to keep in mind the constant references throughout the Bible to the Church being the Bride and Christ the bridegroom – so this period (as it is described scripturally) is the wedding feast. See how that notion fits with your questions – the two have become one, they are in each others presence, I don’t know about pilgrimages etc. I don’t see that they would be required, because I see it that we are in His presence constantly.

    Just my few thoughts.

    • Craig Benno says:

      Thanks Brian for you well thought out answer.

      Basically what you have written is why I don’t believe in a Pre-mill position, but rather think it paints a picture of what life will be like in final day of judgement and new creation takes place.

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