The gift of prophecy for today.

Over the years I have been given several prophecies and have felt inspired to prophesy to others. In that process I have made a number of mistakes…

I remember one time I gave a word to someone at church and their reaction to it was one of joy for it really spoke into their situation… I thought that was good and went and spoke it to someone else and of course it went flat….

There was one time when during the time of prayer, I asked God to pray through me and allow me to pray through Him and I prayed with great boldness that the Lord would bring comfort and encouragement and stay the suicidal tendency that a certain person had.

It was a number of years later, where at a home group an older lady said to me, “Craig, do you remember that day at church when you prayed” Which I did… She said, “That day I was going to go home after church and put my head in the oven.” And she told me about the stresses of her life at that time and how she felt no one cared. Your prayer and words hit me so deep in my being that I went home crying to God and felt his love for me once again.

In 2001/ 02 we rented a 5 acre property. I was walking down the back with my son who was about 3. Hand in hand we walked, talking about the grasshoppers, the clouds, sky, grass etc and I was filled with the amazing sense of how much I loved my son. Next thing my left hand lifted up and I felt the presence of God, and had a vision of God holding my hand telling me that in the same way I loved my son, He also loved me only more so in ways I could never fully understand.

Fast track to early 2009. I was feeling down, I was hurting. I felt dirty. I felt God was far from me. I had just separated from my wife because of her long-term abusive behaviour. I had battled long-term illness and the recovery was slow. I was ostracised by many former friends and the church I fellow-shipped at and been told that I was cursed and no longer saved.

A friend rang me up saying “Craig, this might sound silly. But I really felt God wanted me to tell you the following.” And so Steve said..“I feel God wants me to tell you, He still has you by the hand and is walking with you and loves you more than you can know”

I started to cry. I mumbled thanks and hung up and just sat and cried thanking God for his grace and mercy once again.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to The gift of prophecy for today.

  1. William Macrae says:

    Thanks Craig for your honesty. Praise God that he does speak to us as he wills, when he wills, when we need him to. He does indeed love us, his adopted kids.

  2. Craig Benno says:

    Thanks for the comment William. It’s so true what you said.

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