Without patience, one cannot truly love.

Our modern western society is one that has an emphasis on time. And because it has an emphasis on time, it finds its self rushed for time,  it bemoans the lack of time, and cries out for more time.

Within the dance of life; we find ourselves grasping for time, within a sense of urgency to keep time. For our lives are ordered and structured around time. We structure our  week according to time. .

In addition to the time we spend working and by work I mean school, home, volunteer or paid capacity, there is the time spent in preparation. Meals, clothes, transport, sleep, entertainment etc all revolves around time.

Because of this structure of time, we compete for time. We grapple and struggle with enough time for self, time from others as well as giving others our time. Because of this emphasis on time, we lose the appreciation for and the sense of importance that “Patience” has not only within society, but also for our own lives.

For patience involves a sense of absence of time, within time while transcending time. It involves the totality of the self to not be pressured by the illusion of time, no matter how real that illusion is.

Therefore Patience is an act of love. It’s loving self, as well as loving others. For Patience involves the giving of self in sharing with self and or with others.

A society that revolves around lack of time has no time, and there-fore is frustrated when things take time. Take being caught in traffic, a shopping line, or working towards a certain goal as an example. Our frustration stems from having a sense of time being wasted in which we could be doing other things… and yet this very frustration steals this very moment from us. It robs us of peace. It robs us of Patience.

Therefore Patience is an act of love for it means the giving of oneself, caring of oneself…and without Patience, one cannot truly love either yourself nor one another.

Our God is a God who transcends time. He works through time. And he works within time. Patience is part of his nature. He is not rushed for time. He has all things worked out in his time. And therefore he is patient with us. He understands us. And he is not rushed by us. Nor is he perturbed by us for he truly knows and understands us, and is totally Patient with us. And its this nature of Patience which draws us to himself, and as we continue to be drawn to him, we too will start to live and be transformed through a life of Patience; with God, with self and with others.




About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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