Has the west stuffed up its ordering of the Old Testament books?

During this semester at college I have been studying only one subject, that being the Minor Prophets. During the semester I have been stretched, been involved and truly enjoyed the subject.

My thinking has gone on many tangents over the last 8 weeks or so and one of those tangents is that this / next year I will read through the OT testament in the order of the Jewish Canon.

There are some interesting titbits of information that I have picked up this semester which has really piqued my interest.

  1. Why have they placed the book of Ruth towards the end, when Ruth is the story of King David’s great grandmother?
  2. I had a Ah-ha moment regarding the genealogies in the New Testament Gospels. For in the Jewish Bible they place the book’s of Chronicles at the end. Therefore it makes total sense for the New Testament Narratives to begin with the genealogies in the same way the OT narratives do.

I have appreciated this semesters study of the 12, for it has taught me to read the 12 as a whole book as was the Jewish tradition. In doing so many of the various themes have fallen into place. Particularly the concern about social justice within a community of faith. For one cannot claim to have faith if their actions do not have an outworking of social / communitive concern….. Seems the Apostle James says something about this also!

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11 Responses to Has the west stuffed up its ordering of the Old Testament books?

  1. vern j miroth says:

    You havent replied to comments I have left in the past so im not sure you’re even seeing these but I will try once more. The canonical order certainly was changed, and for hostile reasons. Chronicles ends with a promise to the Nation of Israel, where as Malachi has a curse against them near the end. What better for the church who wanted to distant itself from all things “Jewish” ( i.e. the change of the sabbath) then to rearrange the order

    • Craig Benno says:

      Hiyah Vern.
      I have read, appreciated and replied to all your comments. For some reason you must not be receiving notification of my replies.

      In regards to the Sabbath, that is something perhaps we will have to agree to disagree on. I’m not sure it was changed due to hostilities. While Malachi does end with the threat of a curse, it’s no different to the warning given in the previous prophets.

      Interesting analysis about the ending of Chronicles. Certainly it makes sense for the New Testament Gospels to follow as the manifestation of that blessing.

  2. vern j miroth says:

    Here is a a quote that backs up my point, when the Jews were under persecution, the church wanted to separate itself from anything that appeared to be “Jewish”. The abandonment of Sabbath for Sunday was obviously a big issue:

    The Council of Laodicea of around 365 decreed 59 laws, #29:

    Christians must not judaize by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day, rather honouring the Lord’s Day; and, if they can, resting then as Christians. But if any shall be found to be judaizers, let them be anathema from Christ. (Percival Translation[13]).

  3. vern j miroth says:

    ok,, now I see the box I need to check

  4. Craig Benno says:

    Glad we sorted that out. I had wondered why you were not replying.

    I will have to look at those laws your talking about. Certainly though I am not convinced that makes worshipping God on any other day any less honourable. How did that affect the eastern church’s worship…

  5. vern j miroth says:

    “Certainly though I am not convinced that makes worshipping God on any other day any less honourable”

    I absolutly agree Craig, God accepts our worship anytime it is from the heart. But the problem is, Sabbath is not (primarily) about worship! It is about rest, God gives us laws to benefit us,, not to be a hard cold law giver. Yes, of course we worship on Shabbat but it is a strawman arguement to say we worship 7 days a week

    • Craig Benno says:

      This is where we differ in belief Vern. You believe that the day of rest has to be a particular day to be honourable to God.
      Whereas I believe that having one day of rest within the seven is honourable to God.

      Take for example a seventh day minister who works hard on the seventh day pastoring his congregation. Normally that pastor will take the following day off to have for their day of rest… even though they may not call it that… it is what it is.

      If they don’t, then they are guilty of not having a day of rest….

  6. vern j miroth says:

    A pastor has a biblical exception since he works for God, but that is the exception, not the rule. Taking the 7th day off was to represent ackowledging the Creator who also rested on the 7th day, this is why Satan worked so hard to make us forget that day (REMEMBER the command says) He wants to get us to forget the creator

    • Craig Benno says:

      I remember the lord every day Vern…
      Your agreeing with me about the pastor having a special exemption is interesting. From my understanding, we now live in the priesthood of all believers. It is God who calls some to be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors / Teachers. Also God calls some to be ambulance drivers, doctors, nurses, farmers, office workers, cleaners, street sweepers, carpenters etc.

      If God calls and appoints these people into that work, that was is no different in its God ordained ministry then a pastor has. If a pastor is able to have a different day of rest then the congregation, you have agreed that it is not a necessary issue with God for the day of rest to be on a particular day. For instance, why should the pastor have a different day of rest then the worship team, or church ushers, sunday school . sabbath school leaders, helpers…

  7. vern j miroth says:

    Craig,,, your getting off topic,, the Commandment says remember the sabbath,,, now you say you remember the Lord,, I do too but that is not the topic. Why is it easier to find reasons NOT to obey then just to say YES LORD?

    • Craig Benno says:

      I thought the topic was “Has the West Stuffed up the Ordering of the OT Books”

      Who says I don’t obey? While I believe its proper to have a day of rest, I don’t believe the day of rest has to be only one particular day as you have already stated.

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