There are two distinct parallel exodus stories in the OT

College resumed this week after a three week mid semester break. Today we were working through the book of Haggai and the post exilic period where we discussed that it was during the exilic / post exilic period when the Pentateuch was edited into the book that we have today.

I dawned on me that there are two exodus stories within the OT that have some very seemingly distinct parallels.


  • Joseph and Daniel…
  1. were both thrown into a pit.. fed to the lions / resurrected.
  2. Both were put in prison
  3. Both interpreted dreams
  4. Both were placed 2nd in command of the empire
  5. Both prophesied that the people would call out to God and God would send them back into the promised land.
  • Moses and Aaron…Ezra and Zerubbabel
  1. Both lead an exodus into the promised land
  2. Both established the law and priesthood.
  3. Both established a temple system of worship

It would also appear that the post exilic nation is very similar to the time of Judges in regards to the prophetic ministry….



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