Deciphering Luke and Paul’s soteriology and the role of the Spirit.

One of the problems I think students of the NT faces; is in regards to understanding or deciphering what appears to be the differences in regards to the working of the Spirit in  soteriological (doctrine of salvation) issues, is in trying to use the same hermeneutic (method of interpretation) in understanding the various Biblical writers.

Take Luke and Paul for instance. One way to overcome this is to use Luke who is a historical story teller and therefore writes within a narrative context as a window that shines light into Paul’s personal narrative story. Through engaging with Paul’s personal experience of the Spirit and his salvivic experience; one can then form a back drop or foundation of understanding of what Paul is writing in his Epistles which are more doctrinal then narrative.

I commented to Brian, who is working through this difference on the Near Emmaus blog;

So through Luke we see Paul the evangelist working and his concern for experience of the Spirit … through the epistles we see the  ongoing discipleship happening.

* I have added this to my original comment



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