God in the midst of crisis

I read this morning that Shane Clifton a theologian from Alphacrucis College, formally known as Southern Cross Bible college had a spinal accident through a biking accident. While I don’t know the full details its affected his mobility and breathing.

In nine days time it will be three years since I collapsed paralysed at work on my right side from a flu like virus that attacked my nervous system. This resulted in my being hospitalised for several months to regain strength and learn to walk once again. Its only recently that I have not had to use the walking stick on a regular basis, though I still have ongoing health and mobility problems.

As a Pentecostal I believe fully in the healing power of God through the cross of Christ. What I have learnt though is its up to God about His timing regarding the manifestation of healing that takes place. I had and have experienced and seen God do many miraculous miracles in the lives of myself and others. This includes healing, deliverance, provision and protection in many forms.

When I collapsed I thought yeup… this will be good. I will be up and about in a few days. Totally healed and God will reap the praise and glory and perhaps a few get saved in the process. The reality was a different story though.

Over the last three years I have gone through a huge faith crisis. My marriage disintegrated and I doubted my salvation. I went through a time where I could no longer trust the Christian community for a number of reasons in regards to my well-being. I shied away from any one who would say to me…“Just Believe” or “All you need is faith” and I begged God to grant me a measure of joy once again.

During this time God gave me two visions.

  1. One was of a hand and I felt Him say; shake your fingers of your hand. Just as it is impossible for you to do so, I have you in my hand and will not let you go.
  2. The second was early last year. I was a picture of a towel; wet and tangled like one out of the washing machine. I felt the Lord say to me; You are feeling all washed up and as useless as a wet towel. But just as this towel will be useful once again once dry and I have my plans and purposes for you.

We live in a world that is afflicted and affected by sin. This means bad things can and will happen to us all and God never promises that nothing bad will happen to us. What he does promise however is that in spite of what happens to us; God promises to help us through it and will bring unseen blessings from it…

In the midst of crisis its important to follow the principal of Faith, Hope and Love and put into practice that the greatest of these is Love. Often its impossible to exercise faith in the midst of crisis. We question our faith. It’s important that WE DON’T tell any one we know who is going through a crisis to just have faith.

Instead, allow them to have doubts. To express their fears and anger. And to gather around and love them… Love will always build up Hope. Hope will never fail for it always builds up Faith.

And if we find in the midst of a crisis that we find our own faith is diminishing and we are trying to work it up with clenched fists and teeth…..Remind yourself of Gods great love. Allow His love to wash over you, through you and well up within you…. rebuilding your own sense of Hope and rebuilding your own Faith in deeper ways….For our God truly knows what He is doing.

For Shane, family and friends and medical staff; I pray indeed our gracious Lord will quicken his healing hand upon you all. That the medical staff will have wisdom. That He will cover over you with a blanket of peace. That His presence will be like a tangible river flowing through you bringing you strength. That he will cause an ever increasing deepening knowledge of His great love well up within you and bring about provision for all your needs.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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