Book Review :The Minor Prophets; An Exegetical and Expository Commentary.

Yesterday I went to Koorong to buy my dear wife a birthday gift or two. I also picked up a Exegetical and Expository Commentary of the Minor Prophets. Normally priced around $70.00, I was blessed to be able to purchase it for $38:95.

There are a couple of interesting things about this book which causes it to stand out from the other commentaries I have borrowed and am reading regarding the Minor Prophets.

  1. Each book of the Minor Prophets is studied in detail..
  2. Each book of the Prophets starts with an introduction which informs the reader of the historical background, date, authorship and method used to translate the original Hebrew text.
  3. Not only is the Revised Version used as the basis for study, each contributing author places their own translation in parallel format to read.
  4. Each  study page is divided.

  • The upper part of each page is devoted to an exegetical discussion as for the whys of the translation of the ancient text which the student and scholar of the ancient language can engage thoughtfully with, as well as being informative for those with no Hebrew knowledge to see how the author has grappled with the text.
  • The Lower part is used for the Expository explanation of the text which is informative for both preachers, teachers and students alike.

I have read some of the commentaries sections on Micah and Nahum and found the introduction to be an immense value.

I have no knowledge of the workings of the ancient Hebrew language and found the technical arguments in the exegetical section of the 6th chapter of Micah heavy going; though informative.

Though reading through the Expository section was easier going, it needs noting this commentary is not intended for cursory or devotional reading. Rather it is for the serious study of Gods word, enabling the reader to appreciate and appropriate the ancient message for today.

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1 Response to Book Review :The Minor Prophets; An Exegetical and Expository Commentary.

  1. it’s an excellent resource.

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