Salvation is a journey, not an event.

I have reflected on the salvation  experience both on a scriptural and personal basis.  I have reflected on 3 main areas they being the role of the church in the process of sowing, watering and reaping. The area of growth as well as the 5 tenses of the salvation process, they being;

  1. You were saved before the beginning of the world.
  2. You were being saved.
  3. You are saved.
  4. You are being saved.
  5. You will be saved.

I have no idea if someone will ever submit their lives to Christ. I have no idea when someone may or may not do so. But if someone I know, is to do so in 20 years time; right now in this point of time we both stand equal in the salvation experience.

In the 2 Epistles of Peter, the author makes the point of saying may you grow up into salvation 1 Peter 2:2  and in 2 Peter 3:18 he makes the point of growing in grace and knowledge of Christ.

I believe the church in general has lost the art of growing people into the gospel. We tend to think of people as either being in or out. We have latched onto modern societies fixation for instantaneous satisfaction. We want and expect conversions “NOW”

Therefore I have made the reflective decision that as a pastor / chaplain  I will no longer think of, nor treat any one as being in or out. For my gifting and calling is to pastor people through the growth process.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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