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A personal reflection on Hosea 1-3

The main message that strikes me is Gods redemptive purposes through showing Hosea His fathering aspects towards Israel and Judah. I’m a father of two boys; I want them to be blessed, walking in the hope of God’s blessing. I … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts and questions about prayer

I’m a Christian so it should be no surprise that I acknowledge that I pray. Heres some random thoughts about prayer, in no particular order, nor do I claim they are well thought through. 1.) I believe that even agnostics, … Continue reading

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Personal identity / success within the church.

It’s been my observation of the Pentecostal church and some others, that it seems to tend to the building up of the identity of people to the identity of the church. By this I mean in general it spends the … Continue reading

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Personal identity and the church.

In further reflection of my earlier post about Masculine Identity, I intend to write more about identity and how the church both helped and hindered my coping, experience and current understanding of identity. The posts I’m thinking through will cover … Continue reading

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