A personal reflection on Hosea 1-3

The main message that strikes me is Gods redemptive purposes through showing Hosea His fathering aspects towards Israel and Judah. I’m a father of two boys; I want them to be blessed, walking in the hope of God’s blessing. I can feel Hosea’s conflict and pain. God gives Israel a message of despair through these children. For the promise of God is that the children’s children will be blessed through Abraham, and yet God curses Abrahams children.

It is a harsh sentence. After all babies are universal symbols of pure innocence having utter dependence upon others. It’s a stark reminder that the nation of Israel and Judah are Gods children who have have turned away from Him.

God gives Hosea a message of hope. He will reverse the curse over them, bless them and rename them. The prayer and story of Jabez comes to mind. His paraphrased name means “much internal pain”, who cries out, “Deliver me from myself”.

These chapters initially brought memories of my own guilt, shame and despair from receiving constant abuse which resulted in marital breakdown. Because of poor pastoral care, I was told I was cursed by God and black banned by my previous church. Yet God kept wooing me back to himself, telling me on a number of occasions to walk with my head held high.

God is holding out his hands towards Hosea’s nation, children and wayward wife like the father does in the story of the prodigal son. As Jesus recounts God being like a mother hen wanting to cover her chicks under her wings, it portrays Gods constant patience in bringing Israel back to him along with their inhabitants.

God is also holding His hands out consistently towards us and we can be rest assured that no matter what we go through, ultimately God will work all things out for the good of those who look to him through Christ Jesus.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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3 Responses to A personal reflection on Hosea 1-3

  1. Vern says:

    We are Gomer,

  2. Craig Benno says:

    Hi Vern.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Gomer certainly could be a reference to the Isreal / Judean nation. I’m tending to think though that she is a reference to the false gods they have turned to and that Isreal / Judah are the children whom have been cursed as a result of turning to those gods.

  3. muzacmercer says:

    I recently wrote a song about the Prodigal Son. This is my testimony of God’s amazing grace in my life. If you have a sec here it is. Thanks for listening

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