Some random thoughts and questions about prayer

I’m a Christian so it should be no surprise that I acknowledge that I pray. Heres some random thoughts about prayer, in no particular order, nor do I claim they are well thought through.

1.) I believe that even agnostics, atheists or other believers pray to God when the going gets tough… eg, the statements “OH My God” or “Jesus Christ” is a hearts response upwards towards God…even if they claim not to believe.

2.) Andrew Nixon from Sydney Anglicans bemoans the fact that not enough people are praying for the lost. I think the reason is for the most part Sydney Anglicans hold to a 5 point Calvinistic theology; one of those points being God chooses and calls the elect without any human help… So in reality this theology is a hindrance to be praying for the lost.

3.) I have thought how much people pray for others to change. Or we even pray for our own change. I think this is dead set wrong. We hold that ALL people are made in the image of  God. I believe that if we pray for people to change, we sit in judgement over that person.

A better way forward to is pray for people to grow. I believe Paul the Apostle hints at this so deeply in his prayers in Ephesians. May you grow in your knowledge of God. May you grow in your likeness of God. May you grow in your love for one another. May you grow in the knowledge of your own giftedness and purpose for life. May you grow in the……

4.-) Prayer is dependence upon God, not us telling God how to go about his business.

5.) Faith is dependant on trusting God within every circumstance and situation, no matter the outcome.

6.) A lot of prayers if not most are asking for something we already have and need to put it into action… eg, we pray for peace…but we criticise, gossip and pull others down… allowing it to steal our peace.

7.) We criticise others as having a lack of faith, and feel rejected when our own prayers fail…no matter how hard we pray up… yet perhaps we are praying out of presumption and our own selfish desires…I do say perhaps!

Just a few random thoughts….

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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