King Island council makes a attractive offer

There is a tiny island on the Bass Straight, which is a notorious stretch of water between Victoria and Tasmania.  King Island is famous for its Beef, Cheese and Seafood products and is only 64km long and 27kms wide.

In todays Sunday Telegraph, it reports that the islands council has made an offer to the Department of Immigration to use its island as a processing place for refugees who arrive by boat. The island currently has a static population of 1700 people, but has the infrastructure to support 3500 people.

The island suffers a massive employment shortfall which is being filled by 120 korean students who are working at the local meat works and cheese factory.

The council pointedly says that they don’t want a new razor wire centre made, instead the refugees can be provided with already vacant housing that is on the island, and that the island is notoriously difficult to get on and off as it is.

I think this idea has tremendous merit. Every refugee can be given a temporary visitors/ working visa. I also applaud the idea of setting up refugees in areas that are almost instantly mutually beneficial to both the refugees and the local community.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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