My phone packed it in. Time for an upgrade.

My phone packed it in. The socket where you put the charging cord in has broken. And it picked a great time to do so, on the eve of my going on a 3 day school camp with my youngest son. Nooooo. It was hard being away from the seduction of email, blogging and facebook. Even worse, it was harder not being able to contact my wife.But, I was able to send a message to my dearest via my son’s Ipod, while utilising free wifi at a museum on the Wednesday and retrieving her message back to me at Parliament House on the Friday afternoon. 

Our contracts were up on our existing phones and sadly we were not able to match the previous deal – the contract had kinda and kinda not expired 18 months before, which was with Crazy Johns, and Vodafone who had taken the company over, was trying to get us to take on a new one. I can’t say I blame them.. we had two phones for $55 with a very generous calling, texting and data allowance. Vodafone finally sent us a letter saying that contract would expire in mid Sept. I could have fought them on this, as our contract with Crazy Johns was an open ended contract – where it says we could keep that deal going as long as we liked while using those phones. 

But, we had decided to go with another carrier, as their service wasn’t up to par. Eg, we couldn’t receive calls in many parts of our home. And when we were away, we found we couldn’t use our phones most of the time we were away. 

Anyways.. We sorted out our new carrier and I decided on a Galaxy S5. Now I’m re installing all my previous contacts..and this time, am going to make sure I keep a hard copy of them on my puter. Life would be so much easier if I had done the same for my previous phone. 

The power of a sentence.

A friend was put on the spot, when someone asked her to tell her life story in one sentence. She goes onto say that we can put our story to a song, or a book, but a sentence is extremely hard.

What about you, can you put your life story to a sentence. If you can, how about sharing it with us.

My sentence is, “I am a normal Aussie bloke, who has lived and experienced a not so normal life.”

Whose will be done?

I have a privileged life. I live a privileged life. Many who know me, and who know some of my life story, would think that I am mad and deluded for thinking that. But, I speak the truth. I am neither mad, nor deluded. Instead, I am privileged. I am privileged that out of the comfort I received in my own life journey, I am able to give others comfort. 

I am privileged in that for what has to be recognised as God’s grace on my life, that people readily open up to me and share their journey of life with me. It’s a privilege for me to tell someone I am praying for them. It’s a privilege when someone asks me to pray for them. And I call it a privilege, because I don’t ever want to take it for granted, that I am a participant and partner in God’s grace towards humanity. 

I have been journeying with a friend who is going through an extremely hard time. I am not going to go into the full details of their journey, except to say the spouse left in what can only be called extremely unusual, bewildering and painful circumstances. My friend apologetically calls me on a regular basis to which I reply – “If you want to talk about the rain, or lack of it, I will still talk to you.” 

Tonight we were talking about prayer. And he was surprised when I said, “I can’t pray for your spouse to come back to you! For I don’t think its right and proper for me to pray that prayer!”  Now by now, I am sure you my reader am a little shocked by my advice. “What” you ask? “Why;” you ask? “Don’t be daft”, you say. 

Allow me to make my case and if I don’t make it, then please comment and show me the error of my thinking. It appears that the deserting party has been living a double life. It appears this double life has been both covered up and encouraged by the family. It’s both deceitful and evil the extent of what has happened in his family. The family involved have a history where the husband or wife will just go on 3 month or 6 month holiday without the other, and not tell the other what they got up to. There are strong indications that there was abuse in the family, which was always covered over. 

Simply put, this family is truly broken by the effects of sin. 

It would only be a bandaid solution, if God was to grant the prayer for this person to return. In many ways, it would only save some face. In many ways the return may make the prayers sigh a sigh of relief. But the truth is, the returning spouse most likely is not returning with a sweetened heart. It doesn’t truly solve the problem of a heart broken by sin. 

“So Craig”, you ask me, “what should we pray?” To which I reply, “I am glad you asked.”

I find the prayers of the Apostle Paul a great help in knowing what to pray. You see he never prayed for someone to change their mind. He never prayed for someone to go and do something. Instead, he recognised the true condition of the heart. Hearts that are broken by and filled with sin. 

And so we find him asking the Lord of Lords that he would fill those broken hearts with the revelation of his love. That he would grant them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. That they may know the incredible and immeasurable power of his Spirit. That they would be filled to overflowing with the Spirit of holiness. That they may be rooted and firmly established in love. 

Do you notice the difference between the Apostle Paul’s ethos of praying, and the prayers we so often pray. Often our prayers are to modify someone’s behavior. We want those we pray for to modify their behaviour. The truth is, its impossible for any of us to modify our behaviour. It’s impossible for any of us to modify our hearts. And the truth is, I believe God isn’t into placebo’s and bandaids and modifying anyone’s behavior, so that they may appear to have a presence of godliness – but in actual fact, there has been no real heart change. 

Paul had a revelation that God is into changing the very essence of people dead in sin. He digs the God who makes alive those who are dead in trespass. And so I shared with my friend tonight;

I won’t pray that your wife comes back to you. Instead, I pray that you all will be strengthened in the inner being and that Jesus will dwell in your hearts by faith. I pray that you will be rooted and established in the Love of God, knowing his will for your lives, and that you will be filled with all the fullness of God. 

When we read through the book of Ephesians, Paul tells us what the expectations and hallmarks of a Godly life are. But, I find it interesting that he doesn’t pray for the church in Ephesus to live that way. Instead, he prays that God will change the hearts and fill the inner being of those he is praying for, so that they will be able to live a life, displaying the hallmarks of a godly life. A life that glorifies God, simply because, its no longer they who live; but instead, its the living God, who lives within them. 

Which do you prefer. The band aid solution – or the surgeon to fix the real heart of the issue? 


Creative recycling – latest creation – potting / gardening bench.

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Two kingdoms. Two Masters.

One of the things I enjoy about the Christian experience in Australia is the lack of patriotism in the church. Or perhaps I should say the low level of it. Some friends travelled to U.S.A around seven years ago to become pastors in the Methodist church. He had travelled there a number of times as a itinerant evangelist / musician. It was through his recounting of his experiences that he shared stories of people taking their guns into church. Congregations saluting the American flag and singing the national anthem. 

I confess up front I like guns. I have lived all my life around guns. My dad taught me to shoot from a young age. I have used guns both for work and recreation purposes. I am also proud to be Aussie. I think I am blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world. I am proud to be an Australian, simply because I am Australian and don’t know anything different. Certainly there are things that our nation have done which makes me hang my head in shame – but there are many things about this nation that makes me hold my head up high and say, I am Australian. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie – Oi Oi Oi!!!!

But, I found Mike’s experience rather disconcerting. I have never taken a gun to church. I can’t imagine a reason to do so. Not in the western world anyways. I have never seen the Australian flag in any church I have visited. Wait, I tell a lie. One church I went to, had a picture on the wall of every flag of the world. The picture was a reminder and was a representation that we were to pray for every nation and to go out to every nation and make disciples and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. But I digress. 

Last night I came across the following story where a travelling family in America visited all kinds of churches in their travels. Charismatic, Reformed, Baptist, Liturgical etc. The style didn’t phase them, as long as Jesus was proclaimed Lord.  They shared how they continued to hear the Lord speak into their hearts, “You can’t have two masters! You need to chose which master you will have!”  They tell the story how this church they visited had some lively singing, which they thought was God honouring and they enjoyed it. Till, they started to sing the national anthem and other songs about America… Once again they felt the Lord challenging them, which master will you have, you can’t have two. So they stood up and left the church building and went on their way. 

The truth is that God isn’t into nations that much. He is into his own Kingdom. A kingdom that comprises of all gender, nationality, age and social class. And more importantly in this kingdom, there is no distinction between gender, nationality, age and social class. All are equal in standing with each other and before the Lord. All stand before him as sinners, having fallen short of his glory – and more importantly, we stand together before him, forgiven. 

It’s easy for me to say with shock horror, how bad is the church in America with its nationalism. And its easy for me to do so with an element of pride and self righteousness that we don’t do the same in our own culture. But, the truth is, we do have an element of nationalism within our Christian heritage and experience. For some, they use their Christian faith to push a political agenda. On one side the political agenda is one of social liberalism. On the other, the political agenda is one of social conservatism. On many levels, I too am caught up in the social conservatism. Currently we have a issue with muslims coming into our country. Not all of them are nice people. Many are caught up in what we call terrorist acts, both here and overseas. There is a fear that the radicals will have a effect on the stability of this nation and cause the same unrest and turmoil which is evident in many places around the world. And indeed, some of them have been caught in the midst of plotting such acts of evil. 

I need to also clarify that not all refugee Muslims are terrorists. I have met many great peeps, who were genuine. I made friends with quite a few while I was in hospital. Our accountant is a Muslim guy. Our neighbours are from Turkey and are also really nice people. Once I met an older lady while fishing. Yes, she was wearing her scarf which clearly identified her as Muslim. She offered me a coffee and I tied a hook onto her line, after it had broken off. She shared how she and her husband were 19 and 21 when they came to Australia. They actually met on Australian soil as they disembarked off the ship and were later to get married. She shared with me how two of her sons were becoming radicalised by some unsavoury elements and so she and her husband took them with them on a holiday to see family back in Lebanon. During the two weeks they were there, they experienced gun shots every night, experienced bombs going off and the news was filled with maimings and killings. They both took their sons aside and told them.. hey, we left here as young adults to get away from this crap and start a new life. If you want Australia to become a place like this, then, we are going to leave you here, and you can live this lifestyle to your hearts content… As for us, we are going back home to the Australia we love and the lifestyle we enjoy

But, I digress from the theme of my post today. I have to ask myself, on what level is my social conservatism and on what level is my social libertarianism (And yes, call me complicated – I do hold and practice a measure of both – which does confuse many who know me :)  )  I need to ask myself the important questions, and I believe in general every Christian needs to ask “Am I trying to serve two masters? Am I trying to achieve a political outcome through political means and if so, am I serving two masters?”

I’d ultimately like to be able to say in all honesty that I am serving only one master. That is the Lord Jesus Christ. But, in all honesty I can’t say I am. What about you. Can you likewise say that you truly only serve one master? Yes I know, its a hard question to ask, isn’t it.  


I’m feeling philosophical, or should that be vague?

I’m kinda thinking, or is that musing, or perhaps its more of something else or other about the issue of vagueness. I’m not really sure about what I’m thinking about it, as my thoughts have no real coherent substance to them. I’m not sure that you would or could relate to the experience of not being able to pinpoint just what it is I am thinking. Or even engage on a deeper level of meaningful conversation on the topic; if that would be even possible.

Alan Hirsch – Fast Forward to Mission.

I have been reading Fast Forward to Mission by Alan Hirsch. My facebook friends can access a free download from a link on my timeline, but, for technical reasons beyond my ability, I can’t provide the link here. My paraphrase of this work is. 

The gospel of Jesus connects our own story to the story of God, working through, over and within history, and in doing so, gives us meaning and understanding of our own place in the universe. Not only does it give us meaning and understanding – it connects us in meaningful ways with others as we understand the story of God who works not only through us and for us – compels us to engage with all of humanity allowing the experience of God to challenge, change and continue to draw all to himself …


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